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General questions

How up-to-date is your online stock?

We try hard to keep our online stock as up-to-date as possible.
Only on very rare occasions it might happen that we don't have a book you have just ordered anymore. In this case we will let you know with our e-mail confirmation.

Questions regarding ordering, payment and shipping

Can I specify differing invoice and shipping addresses?

Yes. In the second step 'Address' of the checkout process, simply uncheck the 'shipping to the invoice address'-option, then you can enter your desired shipping address.

Which payment options do I have?

You can pay for your order via invoice or credit card (VISA and Master Card). We reserve the right to send an advance invoice and ask for advance payment though.

Under which circumstances will you be asking for advance payment and how will you let me know?

Orders of more than 50.00 Euros from clients we don't know will generally have to be paid for in advance or by credit card.
For orders from non-EU countries, apart from Switzerland, from clients we don't know yet we will generally be sending an advence invoice or ask for payment by credit card. In case we ask for advance payment from you, we will let you know by e-mail.

Which credit cards do you accept and how can i pay with them?

We accept VISA and Master Card. For paying your order by credit card, we need your card number, the name and surname of the card holder and the expiration date. Please let us know about your credit card details by telephone +49 (0) 30 27 59 35 00 or by fax +49 (0) 30 27 59 35 02.

Can i pay by using online payment services, such as PayPal?

You are also welcome to pay your bills via PayPal. In this case you will receive an invoice from us via PayPal. Your order will only be sent after receipt of payment.

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping in Germany: books under 50 euros and weighing less than 1000 g are usually sent as 'Büchersendung'. In this case, the shipping costs amount to a maximum of EUR 3.50. We send orders with a value of over 50 euros and weighing more than 1000 g as a parcel or parcel. Depending on the weight, this costs between 5 and 18 euros.

For international shipping: We send books under 50 euros and under 1000 g weight as 'Büchersendung' international. In this case, the shipping costs are usually 12 euros. We send orders with a value of more than 50 euros and weighing more than 1000 g as a parcel or parcel. However, the shipping costs for packages and parcels vary from region to region. We would be happy to inform you about the shipping costs or. via different shipping options.

I have a question concerning an order of mine, who can i speak to?

Simply send us an e-mail or just call in.


OBrosch. Broschur

No hard cover. Binding by textile thread or metal wire. The body of the book is only glued or tacked to the cover.

OKat. (OKtn.) Kartonierte Broschur.

Stiff, cardboarded brochure.

OPbd. Pappband

Covers and back made from cardboard only, upholstered with paper.

OLn. Leinen / Ganzleinen

Covers and back upholstered with cloth.

OHLn. Halbleinen

Cloth back with cardboard covers.

OLdr. (OLd.) Leder / Ganzleder

Covers and back completely upholstered with leather.

OHLdr. (OHLd.) Halbleder

Leather back with cardboard covers which are upholstered with cloth or paper.

OKldr. (OKLd.) Kunstleder

Back and covers are upholstered with plastic artificial leather with a surface resembling real leather.

OHKldr. (OHKLd.) Halbkunstleder

Back upholstered with plastic artificial leather, covers upholstered with cloth or paper.

OFranzbd. Franzband

Cover made from leather, the back has real bindings with deep folds.

OHFranzbd. Halbfranz

Back made from leather with real bindings and deep folds. Covers made from cardboard, corners protected with pieces of leather.

OPgnt (OPgt.) Pergament

Cover upholstered with parchment/vellum which is made from animal skin.

OHPgnt Halbpergament

Back made from parchment/vellum with cardboard covers.

OU Schutzumschlag

Dust jacket.

Priv. Privateinband.

Private binding or cover which have been applied subsequently.

O Original

O generally signifies an original binding, cover or dust jacket. In case a binding, cover or dust jacket can neither be identified as original nor as subsequently apllied, we generally will not use O.



below 15 cm


15 to 18 cm

18 to 22,4 cm


22,5 to 24,9 cm

25 to 30 cm


30 to 35 cm


35 to 45 cm


45 to 55 cm


above 55 cm
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